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Tradespoon - Trade Smarter At Tradespoon, we want you to trade smarter. Most online traders are making decisions blindly without enough information. And it is too easy to lose money when trading without sufficient research—research the average investor does not have the time or skills to do.

At Tradespoon, we do the homework for you, so you can make trades you can feel confident about.

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How Tradespoon works

  1. We do the research. Tradespoon’s stock pick service uses a proprietary, sophisticated statistical system to identify trades offering the highest opportunity to maximize profit.  Our team of trading industry veterans and financial analysts then complete analysis to validate the picks. 
  2. We send you daily alerts. Each day, Tradespoon emails subscribers our latest trade picks.  Access a full list of our open positions with trade action recommendations (long/short, spreads, entry/exit) and technical and fundamental analysis reports for the selected stocks. Plus get institutional-grade tools to scan for your own trade ideas. 
  3. You take action and profit. Auto-trade Tradespoon daily picks on the TradingBlock platform or use the software of your choice.  Enjoy the returns!

Why Tradespoon works

Tradespoon trade picks average 30% returns per trade.  Here’s why:

  1. Technical precision. Other trade pick sites simply cannot provide the depth of predictive precision that Tradespoon leverages to identify profit opportunities. Our algorithms have been honed over more than 15 years of development and consider variables including long-run earnings per share growth, stock volatility, beta and correlation between SPX and the stock.
  2. Expertise. Tradespoon is run by leading trading industry veterans, combining expertise in money management and quantitative trading technology. Vlad Karpel, formerly Head of Technology at OptionsXpress, has developed the most sophisticated trading systems on the market. Tim Biggam has more than 20 years of professional trading experience in high and low volatility markets and is often featured on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.
  3. Urgency. Tradespoon’s algorithm detects opportunities long before the market at large.  We move swiftly to validate picks and alert subscribers.  You’ll be in the know long before everyone else.  Being the early mover offers significant rewards!

What customers are saying about Tradespoon:

This is one happy customer…

This is one happy customer!!! After running my numbers I have confirmed a profit equal to my monthly salary prior to going on extended sick leave—amazing!

This is the best service that I have experienced…

Thank you for this excellent service. [It is] producing very good picks. I am not a newbie to trading options but I am certainly not a expert. I don’t think there is another service out there that can match or beat Tradespoon. Whatever you are doing to pick the winners, please keep it up.

I really like your service...

I really like your service. You make good ideas much easier to evaluate. Your free trial made a big difference in my decision to subscribe to the service. Thank you for that.

Keep up the good work...

I like [Tradespoon] for its simplicity. They have only one pick a day and multiple research reports to back them up. They send out the next day’s pick the night before—I love that. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for all your help...

I’ve been following you for a long time, and have been recommending you to all my trade friends. Thank you for all your help.

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